Reserved, socially quiet, introverted; prefer to be alone most of the time, or with a just a few close friends

Moderate in energy and enthusiasm; enjoy others company, but also desire a degree of privacy

High-spirited, active, outgoing, extraverted, sociable; prefer to be around people most of the time


Hardheaded, skeptical, critical, competitive, proud.Tend to express anger directly.

Usually warm , trusting, and agreeable, but can be stubborn and competitive at times

Eager be cooperative and avoid conflict, tender, softhearted, sympathetic, selfless


Typically donít plan carefully; usually a bit disorganized; often not well-prepared; not especially reliable

Generally organized and dependable but can relax and let things go; can efficiently work, but can put work aside

High standards and high level of focus on achieving goals; conscientious, reliable,and well-organized


Readily experience negative emotions (anxiety, sadness, anger); reactive to stress; sensitive, prone to mood dips and swings

Typically calm and handle stress well, but occasionally have your share of negative moods (anxiety, sadness, anger); emotional upsets rarely last very long

Emotionally relaxed, stable, calm, and secure;typically remain relaxed even when under stress; seldom, if ever, feel anxious or nervous


Prefer being practical, concrete, down-to-earth; prefer to have conservative values

Prefer a balance between old values and new ones; practical but fairly open to change

Imaginative, reflective, abstract, creative; many interests; very liberal; seek variety and change