2300 Sample Test Questions (Test 1)


1.      Psychologists have found it difficult to define personality because

A.                psychologists are not smart enough to determine the boundaries of human personality.

B.                 personality has a common sense definition that psychologists find hard to falsify.

C.                 the idea of studying human personality is a rather new concept in psychology.

D.                any definition of personality needs to be sufficiently comprehensive to include a multitude of concepts.

Ans: D

Page: 4



2.                  A study discussed in the text showed that childhood temper tantrums predicted divorce. This is an example of _____ predicting _____.

A.                T-data; S-data

B.                 O-data; L-data

C.                 L-data; T-data

D.                S-data; T-data

Ans: B

Page: 38



3.                  What is one of the reasons that researchers have had trouble agreeing about the nature of the fifth factor of the five factor model of personality?

A.                Cross cultural researchers have been unable to study the fifth factor across many languages.

B.                 Different researchers use different item pools in the factor analysis of big five data.

C.                 Researchers using questionnaire items favor “openness to experience” as the trait label.

D.                Researchers using trait descriptive adjectives favor “intellect” as the trait label.

Ans: B

Page: 87