Y4300 - 2010 Fall Term,

Monday: 2:30 - 5:15pm in 3MC13S


Professor: Dr. Trapnell 



Voice Mail: 786-9180   
by appointment



Required Text:   no text, weekly readings distributed from website

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Article Archive:

Sample Minor Presenter Questions:

Sample Major Presentation


General Course Description:

In this Honours seminar course, we will examine selected topics in personality research, theory, and assessment that reflect some of the important historic and current preoccupations in Personality Psychology.


Examples of Topics Covered:*

History of modern personality theory and research

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality

A Five-Factor Theory of Personality

Personality and Sexuality

Psychobiological Approaches to Personality

Personality Continuity and Change

Positive and Negative Affectivity

Personality and Unconcsious Processes

Psychobiography and the Life Story

Personality & Health

            (*number of topics covered determined by class size)



Course grades will be based on the following 5 criteria, out of a possible 400 points:

1.   a term paper worth 100 pts. (12 p. 3000 words min.; 15 p. 3750 max.; 15 references min.
must turn in hardcopy.),

2.   one major powerpoint presentation worth 100 pts. (1 hour minimum; 1  hr. max.;
send me your ppt file),

3.   two minor presentations worth 50 pts. each (composed of 6-8 unique discussion question/answer sets,
from all readings; electronic version submission okay.),

4.   class participation worth 50 pts (quality of input stressed over quantity), and

5.   attendance worth 50 pts (absolutely free!).


Topics for the term paper, major presentation and minor presentations will be discussed and distributed in the first meeting.  Selection of topics will be made on a first-come-first-served basis, so try to make up your mind soon, while choices are still available. Student presentations will begin on the third week. THE ABSOLUTE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING TERM PAPERS IS THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES, Monday, Nov. 30th.  If you submit your final paper by Halloween, you will receive written feedback. Early drafts okay too, but feedback less detailed.


Numerical cut-off points for letter grades:

A+  364-400      B+   311-329         C+   260-279      D    200-219

A   340-363      B    280-310         C    220-259      F    <200

A-  330-339


Notes:  1. The above cut-offs are unofficial and may be changed in either direction

2. The final date for voluntary withdrawals without penalty from a half course is Friday, Oct 30th

3. Students are directed to read the general calendar sections on academic misconduct and appeals.



Grading Criteria for Major Presentation:

I. Preparation (15%)

choice of research materials (avoid video clips & questionnaires)

familiarity with material

comprehensiveness of materials


II. Quality of Presentation Aids (20%)

readability of powerpoint slides & handouts
   (slide art/animation can be useful but isn't necessary)

integration of materials with presentation


III. Quality of Presentation (65%)

topic coverage

memorization (at least partial--don't read your slides verbatim to us)

topic organization

topic mastery (practice makes perfect)

creativity (go ahead, project your personality)

clarity of speech

pacing of presentation

points deducted if length of presentation < 1 hour or > 1 hour,
   questions not included.